Ocat Online Catalog provides simple and reliable solution for the Online Marketing of a Business. Ocat Platform includes Marketing Portal, Online Catalog, Search Engine Optimization Tools, Banner Ads with Landing Pages, Social media Share Links, Ocat portals, Online Catalog & Referral Networks.

Features of Ocat  Online Catalog

1). Unlimited Online Advertisements (Banner Ads with Landing Pages) can be published

2). New advertisements can be created using a simple Ocat interface

3). Each Online Advertisement contains Banner Advertisement and Landing Page

4). Online Advertisements can be optimized for search engines likes Google.

5). Online Advertisements can be distributed as Social Media Post (Social Media Share Links)

6). Online Advertisements will be distributed through Referral Networks

7). Online Advertisements will be distributed through Ocat Category Pages

8). Online Advertisements will be distributed through Business Directory Listings

9). Online Advertisements will be distributed through Marketing Portal of Business

10). Content Marketing can be performed

11). Local Search Engine Optimization can be implemented

12). Short URL will be enabled for each advertisement

13). Online Catalog can be created

14). Live Report is available for each advertisement

15). Ocat Online catalog can be used to perform the Informative Online Advertising service for a minimum of one year

Ocat Online Catalog for Website Marketing Service through Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertisements & Content Marketing

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